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Cycle Route Audit Tool or how to get Local Authorities thinking about cycling.

Bath and North East Somerset Council, like most councils, is a hodgepodge of different departments looking after their own fiefdoms. This can result in very narrow thinking when it comes to individual projects. It also makes it very difficult for councillors to direct policy. Councillors are usually not experts in street design. Neither should they be.

We need to give councillors the tools to ‘manage’ all the departments delivering schemes in the public realm. This is something that the Wales recognised when they created the Welsh Active Travel Guidance. Inside this guidance was the Cycle Route Audit tool. A tool Local Authorities can use to look at existing and upcoming schemes and evaluate them. A tool that enables councillors to tell their council officers that a scheme MUST hit a score of 35 out of 50. A tool that allows councillors to drive policy. A tool that will give us better officers building better public spaces.

The Cycle Route Audit Tool

Call To Action: Please respond to Government’s Cycle Delivery Plan by today!

This one is very very simple but you do need to get your comments in as soon as you can as it closes midnight today [Thursday].

Response is by email : Walking.Cycling@dft.gsi.gov.uk

This is all about money. The government spends £462 per head per year on transport. The government has stated that they have an ‘aspiration’ to spend £10 per head of this money on cycling.
The DfT recently released a report where it was shown nationally that each £1 invested in cycling infrastructure returned £5.50 and in places with established cycling (Cambridge and Oxford) a return of up to £35.
This return beats ANY other form of transport investment hands down. In fact the DfT is legally required to pursue the best return on investment possible.
Please please please EMAIL Walking.Cycling@dft.gsi.gov.uk and tell them you want a yearly £10 indexed linked investment in cycling.
For further information you can see the consultation here:
CTC and British Cycling have also been highly critical of the lack of commitment from the Government.