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Get yourself a dutch bell

I live on Bear Flat so a lot of my cycling starts with riding down onto the Two Tunnels. If I need to get into town in a rush, then it is straight down Wellsway, but if there is any excuse, any, I’ll ride down Linear Park across Fieldings Bridge and into town. It is too nice a ride not to do it.

So when Linda Donaldson writes about mirrors and bells and states

I don’t have a bell, but I have a voice which I have always felt is more effective. The walkers and runners I spoke too shared a consensus that they felt bells are vital particularly where cyclists are using the canal path or the Two Tunnels. But on the other hand cyclists felt bells were often not listened to. It seems we are back to my long-standing point on the need to respect each other’s right to be in the space again – whether on two wheels or two feet!

I get a bit annoyed because this is a classic case of completely missing the point of a decent bell. Your voice just doesn’t work and most pedestrians she spoke to agreed with that fact.

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