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BaNES Cycle Forum Tuesday 26th 6pm Guildhall

The delayed BaNES Cycle Forum is happening tomorrow night (26th of July @ 6pm) at the Guild Hall in the Aix-en-Provence room.

The current set of issues that have been raised are to be found here

We’re not expecting this to be a long meeting.

The Issues document has been setup for the 8th of September meeting and can be added to here .



BaNES Cycle Forum 8th March 2016

The bi-monthly BaNES cycle forum will be held tomorrow at the Keynsham Civic Centre between 6pm and 8pm in the community space above the Library, accessible from Temple Street.

Council officers will present the “Sustrans community engagement to support B&NES cycling infrastructure delivery to March 2018”. This is a significant work that will require a lot of feedback from CycleBath and other cycling groups in BaNES.

I will be be providing a preview of the work Bath Hacked has done with the Strava Metro data. Bath Hacked are asking for your help to develop the ideas of what can be done with the data. Just as a teaser this is a small section of a youtube video showing Fieldings Bridge. Size of dot is number of riders in a day, colour is how slow a section is.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 19.50.12
Fieldings Bridge is a high use, very difficult to negotiate on the north side of the river.

How BaNES calms traffic and discourages cycling

BaNES has recently announced consultation “Alterations to Existing 20mph Restrictions” on the installation of speed tables on the following roads to reduce the speeding along them:

  • Englishcombe Lane, Bath
  • Weston Road/Weston Lane/Weston Park, Bath
  • St Ladoc Road, Keynsham
  • Orchard Way, Peasedown St John

CycleBath has raised a formal objection to the designs as they encourage close passing or encourage drivers to move into the path of oncoming cyclists. I recognise that speed calming is necessary and we do not object to the installation of speed tables, however they need changing slightly.

In this article I want to examine what the council is proposing and why the use of  Department For Transport LTN 2/08 Cycle Infrastructure Design document is inadequate and why BaNES should switch to using Transport for London’s Streets Toolkit. This  contains a paradigm shift in cycle infrastructure design that prioritises pedestrian and cyclist safety over the convenience of drivers.

Cycling in London is recognised as a mass transport. When Bath can demonstrate year on year 15% of traffic on Dorchester Street is cycling then BaNES really should be doing the same.

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BaNES Communities Forums, please please attend

If you are reading this, then I beg you to attend one of these forums and make your voice heard. We need to design cycling into these new housing estates. We need to give children travel independence.

Each of the five Connecting Communities Forums across the district will be hosting a Budget Fair and these will be open to the public. The Fairs provide an opportunity to hear about the Council’s financial plans for the next four years, ask questions and participate in discussions on the budget proposals.

Following the Budget Fair, there will be an additional presentation from Planning Officers on the West of England Joint Spatial Plan and Transport Study and an opportunity ask questions. The Plan will set out a prospectus for sustainable growth that will help the area meet its housing and transport needs for the next 20 years. Estimates state that to maintain its current prosperity, the area needs at least 85,000 new homes by 2036 – nearly 30,000 more than the number already planned – as well as the transport and other infrastructure needed to support this level of growth. Officers will also be giving a brief update on Placemaking.

If you are unable to attend this meeting, you are most welcome to attend any of the other meetings taking place. The dates and locations are:-

* Bathavon Forum – 19th November, 6pm – Sixth Form, St Gregory’s School, Combe Hay Lane, Odd Down, Bath, BA2 8PA

* Chew Valley Area Forum – Monday 23rd November at 6pm, in The Library, Chew Valley Secondary School, Chew Lane, Chew Magna BS40 8QB

* Keynsham Area Forum – 24th November, 6pm – The Community Space, Market Walk, Keynsham, Bristol, BS31 1FS

* Somer Valley Area Forum – 30th November, 6pm – The Conygre Hall, North Rd, Timsbury, Bath BA2 0JQ

Please do help publicise these events in your local communities and encourage people to attend.

The Problem with the Bath East Park and Ride

This one is probably going to be a long one, so for those who want a quick summary…

Park and Ride systems are primarily sold to the public as solving congestion and pollution. In reality they have little impact in those areas. However, they do increase economic activity and this is cited by councils as “success” after they are built and their impact is evaluated. The fact they did little to decrease congestion or pollution or the fact they increased congestion around the P&R site is quietly swept under the carpet.

For those who have a little bit more time, read on.

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How to solve pavement cycling

In BaNES we have Partners and Community Together (PACT) meetings. The last one was dominated by people demanding what the police are doing about pavement cycling. The simple answer is to give Cyclists their own space.

There is a picture that has done the rounds recently about a street in Amsterdam comparing the 1970s shot next to one taken recently. It’s subtle to notice, but there is no pavement cycling in the recent picture.

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Active travel

Really really nicely written and worth reading!

the magic jug

We all know that we have a growing obesity crisis in this country.  We all know that traffic congestion is getting worse, and that the fumes (and invisible particulates) are poisoning our air and ourselves.  We all know that the more traffic there is, the less safe we feel walking  or cycling around and even more so letting our children walk or cycle around.  So what are we doing to break into this vicious cycle?

My recent encounter with the M4 and other busy roads as I walked along the Kennet and Avon canal left me thinking a lot about alternatives to motorised transport, and the daily choices we make.

I’ve pretty much given up hope of our government (at either a national or especially my local level) doing anything about it.

Which leaves me.  Myself.  I.  To take action to try to make things different.

One thing most of…

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Seven Dials, what happened to the Monmouth Street contraflow?

Seven Dials consists of a new shared space and a swathe of Traffic Regulation Orders to develop a more direct cycle network through the implementation of cycle contraflows. The Avon Street contraflow was applied for on the 15th of January 2015. If you look at the scheme map, you’ll see that the Monmouth Street contraflow is key to delivering the scheme as it provides a direct on road contraflow route into the scheme for cyclists:

Seven Dials Missing Monmouth Street Contraflow
Seven Dials Missing Monmouth Street Contraflow

So in theory as part of the delivery of this scheme, this TRO SHOULD have been applied for at the same time as the Avon Street TRO, sometime around the middle of January. So what happened? Why did council officers not apply for this TRO?

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BaNES Cycle Forum Tuesday 14th of July Guildhall 6pm

Tonight is the BaNES Cycle Forum. With the new administration finding its feet, the forum is evolving and as such the new agenda has also evolved to accommodate a more pro-active approach to identifying issues and developing new routes. Expect the forum to become very much a way of driving the programme of Cycle infrastructure delivery. If you are reading this, your input is vital to the future direction BaNES will take.


CycleBath Meeting Towpath Write-Up

It was exceptionally fortunate to have David Fearne there. As K&A Trust chair he was able to keep people informed. It was re-assuring to know that anything done to the towpath would be done to exceptionally high standards and must preserve the heritage of the K&A waterways. The CRT are GOOD people.

There was a lot of fear about what a smooth surface will do to the speed of cycling along the towpath. It was good to get the focus on to the benefits to everyone else. The path currently excludes people with disabilities and families with pushchairs.
It was emphasised that any work to the towpath would also include promotion of the towpath code of conduct. The towpath code of conduct is a key part of educating bad users, not keeping the path in a bad state of repair to hopefully curtail bad behaviour.
Further to this, Cllr Lin Patterson emailed me this morning and stated that a public consultation will be held by Cllr Martin Veal (Cabinet Member for Communities Services) [TO BE CONFIRMED WHEN] on this. I will see you there.
I will keep people informed as I find out more. I have informed the CRT of this meeting. Hopefully they will be in attendance.
Of note, I sent Martin an email and in it provided him a timeline of CycleBath’s involvement. This is important for people to read:
Quick Timeline:
  1. Nov 2014 : £114M CCAG Money announced.
  2. 30 Dec 2014: CycleBath hold workshop to determine their request to the council’s Cycle Forum on the 7th of Jane 2015 for what the BaNES bid should be.https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yAZSp_9Tkp9DCE_YUEMO_uCpXmdekMNX4_b4i8yRgIY/edit?usp=sharing
  3. 12 Jan 2015: With much negotiation this is the final letter: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qgaIvltlwrtmd0fjVQN1S9S_NeQebB-Ig3fRxgMgX2I/edit?usp=sharing ads the council officer has decided the CCAG bid will deliver two new bridges and the repair to the towpath. LEP money would be bid for to provide the Weston and Newbridge Hill routes CycleBath desperately want done.
  4. March 2015: £3.8M CCAG money awarded. Cycle Forum is held, CycleBath begins it’s work on it’s own proposal for expanding the CCAG Bath East to connect better with communities. https://cyclebath.org.uk/ccag-bath-east/ A public consultation is promised.
  5. Elections blow things up. No consultation is held.

Important Information:

  • Before the CCAG money came along, council had allocated £180k to upgrade Larkhall path and part of towpath in the 2015/16 budget. This can still be used to ‘fix’ towpath connections.
  • The Canal and River Trust, Sustrans and the council have been trying to find money to do urgent maintenance on the K&A towpath for many years. CCAG solved this for them. https://cyclebath.org.uk/2015/06/17/the-towpath-and-getting-things-wrong/
  • Towpath is cared for and owned by the CRT. They are unbelievably tough when it comes to what is done to the towpath.