Odd Down Cycle circuit

Why Does the  circuit need to be locked up when not being used by cycling clubs and organisations? It would be nice if parents and the community could use it with children to give them confidence cycling in a safe environment at a time which suits them.


Cafes and Pubs Around Bath – Updated

See Cafes and Pubs Around Bath page

Range now extended from (approx) 12 to 14 miles from Bath centre!

20+ cafes added in the location list and interactive map. Next stage to update the pubs…

Thanks to those that have added suggestions for new entries all of which have been incorporated – please keep them coming…. (Remember, they might be hidden away in garden centres, supermarkets, community centres, visitor attractions…..)

B&NES Budget 2015/16 – Headline Numbers for Cycling

From http://democracy.bathnes.gov.uk/mgConvert2PDF.aspx?ID=34441 the key cycling items I could identify are:

Page 11 – £100K to meet the costs of the Council hosting cycling events in 2015/16 including the City Cycle Race Series

Page 20 – £100k of the Corporate Supported Borrowing funds cycling schemes identified from the Sustrans review of cycle networks within the city as outlined in the Getting Around Bath Transport Strategy. The further £1m of Corporate Supported Borrowing will fund additional pedestrian schemes (£400k), additional cycle schemes (£400k) and 20mph scheme adaptations (£200k) Continue reading B&NES Budget 2015/16 – Headline Numbers for Cycling

Claude Avenue Ramp – BaNES makes the space dangerous

Claude Avenue ramp has been the centre of bollard gate, but more importantly we have discussed it at length as to what needs to happen. In fact, we even suggested a fix for this space that would have given people that cycle a safe road to ramp onboarding point, discouraging them from the necessary pavement cycling, and, more importantly, giving children walking, scooting or cycling off the ramp a really safe protected zone along the bridge using parked cars as a ‘shield’.

We asked for it and were told that because it would require moving existing parking that it would be politically hard to do. Apparently though you can move the bus stop and build a massive bus build out and make this space extremely dangerous.

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Cycle Racks On The Front Of Buses PROGRESS!

[Foreword 8th June 2015: We have now had the result from the DVSA, and it’s not good.]

It is with rather a lot of excitement that Peter from BikesOnBuses emailed me to say that he delivered a Veloporter 2 to the Bristol First Group depot on Wednesday. The rack will be installed on a bus they are currently servicing and respraying with new livery. The process is expected to take two to three weeks, but at the end of it, there will be a shiny bus with a cycle rack on the front of it.

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Larkhall to Alice Park Path

Larkhall to Alice Park Path
Click on Image for full Map (& then click on the lines for descriptions)

*** Stop Press***

The Alice Park meet up on Sunday shows there is strong support for the path:


Please leave a comment on the BANES planning website (closes 9th March) saying why it will benefit you & others in the local area:



For many years there has been a desire by locals in and around Larkhall & BANES Council for the construction of a shared path & bridge across the Lam Brook to allow direct access between the Square & Alice Park.

With the building of the proposed skate park, Alice Park’s popularity, is certain to increase. Particularly with families. At present, to get there on foot from Larkhall Square it requires detours to the North or South along roads that are busy, polluted & have narrow pavements. The proposed redevelopment of the Harvester site provides the perfect opportunity to construct this traffic free path. Benefits Include:

  • A shorter, safer journey
  • Increased footfall to the local shops & amenities
  • Reduced vehicle usage

Plans have been submitted to develop the Harvester site into retirement apartments. An access path to these homes will also provide a very easy, level,& safe walk into the square for those residents. Continue reading Larkhall to Alice Park Path

Conservative Party response to Cycle Bath analysis of their Transport Manifesto

Tim Warren, Conservative BaNES shadow cabinet member for Transport,  sent me a detailed response to my critique of the BaNES Conservative Transport Manifesto and I honestly feel it deserves it’s own space rather than tacked on the end of the critique. I will update the original article to link to this. I would like to just thank Tim Warren for taking time for writing. Campaigning to improve the lot of people that cycle is all about discourse. It is encouraging that Tim felt it worth writing to me and I hope this bodes well for further discussions in the future.

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Critical Analysis of the BaNES 2015 Conservative Transport Manifesto

Ben Howlett, prospective Bath conservative MP, contacted me yesterday to ask what Cycle Bath’s opinion of their recently announced Bath Transport Manifesto was and if we could offer feedback. I duly put out a request for people to give feedback and feedback I did receive.

To be fair Cycle Bath is not a political animal. Pretty much every party falls short in their approach to healthy transportation. It’s within the nature of being a single issue campaign group that there is never enough. However this is going to be a complex analysis and one that other parties should take note of when writing their manifestos.

(apologies for any and all grammatical mistakes)

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Rainbow Woods is looking good

I popped up there today to have a look at the upgraded route between the University and Combe Down and to take my dog for a walk. This route has been 10 years in the making with dogged determination by BaNES officers to solve all the land issues. This has been legally HARD and we really do have to congratulate what has been achieved here despite the complications.

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Roseberry Place Contd…

Edited to add link to PDF (below) of consultation display board images & comment form (Word Doc).

It appears WordPress doesn’t allow images in comments so… A new post.

The developers appear keen to make cycling/walking a priority & keep on-site vehicles to a minimum & separate. The parking for the residential blocks is hidden under a raised deck between the buildings. As with all developments such as this, cycle/walking routes are dependent on neighbouring sites to link them all together

The obvious one that can benefit from being built at the same time as this development is the Toucan link to the North entrance of the Two Tunnels path. Frank/Nigel R. – do you know if there’s money already earmarked for this by BANES?

Another link is to the West, next to the Church building which can join up with the existing path between the student accommodation & the river, See image. This is looking East, the church building is in the background. Further West a bit of shrubbery needs to be removed & it can then join into the Lidl car park.

SAM_0454     Roseberry Place boards Continue reading Roseberry Place Contd…

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