BaNES Cycle Forum – The £3.8Million for 2 bridges, tarmacing a canal path and 400k for some other stuff in the county edition

As you may be aware the council hosts the excellent, informative, and sometimes raucous BaNES Cycle forum. This one is quite interesting because Cllr Nigel Roberts will be detailing:

  • The £3,800,000 Cycle City Ambition Fund that Bath has won and how it is to be spent over the coming 3 years, with a particular focus on year 1. Expect to have the following explained in detail:
    1. Kennet & Avon Canal tow path. To enhance the traffic free route into central Bath along the tow path by upgrading the surface and widening the path for 2.44km along the NCN4 cycle route to benefit cyclists and pedestrians. This includes the path between Grosvenor Bridge and the tow path. Estimated cost £675,000.
    2. Halfpenny Bridge. To widen the bridge, or construct a new bridge alongside the existing structure, to span the River Avon and link up the Bath Spa Rail Station with Rossiter Road for cyclists. Estimated cost £1.82m.
    3. Locksbrook Railway Bridge. To provide a new crossing for pedestrians and cyclists over the River Avon, linking the Railway Path and Two Tunnels. Estimated cost £1.3m.
  • The £400,000 Local Sustainability Transport Fund spend for the 2015/2016 year within the county.

For those people asking why Halfpenny Bridge is going to cost £1.82m this is where to why. (Hint it’s not just sorting out the bridge but the connections from Widcombe to the City for cycling).

Facebook event here or just turn up at the Guildhall on Tuesday the 10th, for 6pm and get stuck in!


2015 Spring River Path Work Audit

What follows is a 25 image ‘audit’ of the River path starting at the Green Park entrance all the way up to Locksbrook. The audit does not go beyond Greenpark as significant works are being performed as part of the flood defence work. However should the principle of what is needed can be applied along the full path. ‘Luckily’ I was down there on rather rainy afternoon and can show the immense amount of flooding that occurs.

The primary issue with the path is one of encroachment and neglect that can be overcome using a very simple set of approaches:

  1. Maintenance Work
    1. The full width of the original path must be exposed.
    2. All encroaching vegetation must be cleared back. With maintenance only once every 6 months, growth can be phenomenal.
    3. Embankments should be dug back and made level or below the path to facilitate drainage either side of path. Reseeding of dug back areas should be considered carefully.
  2. Structural Changes
    1. A 0.5m drainage channel should be dug and filled with aggregate either side of the path where possible.
    2. Where ‘lakes’ of puddles occur, drainage solutions should be implemented. That is, where flood defences block drainage, drainage holes should be drilled or ‘sink holes’ should be drilled and capped to facilitate drainage.
    3. Consideration should be made to removal of some embankments against walls and tarmacing up to the walls to reduce long term maintenance and provide wider path.
    4. Widening of path to 3m minimum where possible should be achieved along the full length of the path.

It should be noted that the river path should be valued higher than it is and could be a fantastic part of Bath in Bloom rather than something that feels like it’s a forgotten industrial waste ground.

Remember that this is an exceptional healthy transport corridor and a real asset to Bath.

Each picture will have a general maintenance (GM) tasks and structural changes (SC) tasks.

Continue reading 2015 Spring River Path Work Audit

Call To Action: BaNES has a £1.6 Million underspend and it needs spending!

It’s that time of year again where the council works out how much it’s spent and what it can or cannot afford to do. It looks however like the council has underspent ( ) and there is a possibility that with a little persuasion, your local ward councillor might be able to help you spend some of it on cycling.

These cannot be big things or even things that take a long time to arrange, as the money needs spending by the end of March however there is no harm in asking for more cycle racks in your ward or maybe a repair job or two. List of councillors available here. Get stuck in 🙂

cycle the city ride 2 (about the ride)

The ride took place on Sunday 8 February. Although a small group for the ride, I think we all enjoyed it. We could not have wished for a better morning for the ride. As the pub was not open at Midford, we decided to go to the one in Monkton Combe and very nice it was. We decided not to return to the city back through tunnels as we all had run the tunnels many times, instead we completed the route via the canal back to the city.

The route took us down Westgate Buildings, Sawclose, Queen Square, Victoria Park, Victoria Bridge, up towards Moorland Road and Moorfields where we joined the path to the two tunnels, through the tunnels to Midford, back to Monkton Combe, joined the canal at Claverton, Bathhampton, Sydney Gardens, Pultenly Street, back to the Abbey.

victoria   two tunnels

Cafes and Pubs Around Bath – Updated

See Cafes and Pubs Around Bath page

Range now extended from (approx) 12 to 14 miles from Bath centre!

20+ cafes added in the location list and interactive map. Next stage to update the pubs…

Thanks to those that have added suggestions for new entries all of which have been incorporated – please keep them coming…. (Remember, they might be hidden away in garden centres, supermarkets, community centres, visitor attractions…..)

B&NES Budget 2015/16 – Headline Numbers for Cycling

From the key cycling items I could identify are:

Page 11 – £100K to meet the costs of the Council hosting cycling events in 2015/16 including the City Cycle Race Series

Page 20 – £100k of the Corporate Supported Borrowing funds cycling schemes identified from the Sustrans review of cycle networks within the city as outlined in the Getting Around Bath Transport Strategy. The further £1m of Corporate Supported Borrowing will fund additional pedestrian schemes (£400k), additional cycle schemes (£400k) and 20mph scheme adaptations (£200k) Continue reading B&NES Budget 2015/16 – Headline Numbers for Cycling

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