Rusty Bike Rides

Facebook page and their website page give more details. This is taken from their website:


In an unashamed blatant rip-off of Brighton’s “Shed Bike Rides” ( “Rusty Bike Rides” is a regular series of rides for new and returning bike riders, or anyone who fancies an easy social trip in good company. Rides start and finish at Victoria Hall, Radstock, Somerset.  Meet in the cafe area. No need to book, just turn up with a bicycle capable of starting, steering, stopping, and with air in the tyres.

Why “Rusty Bike Rides?” you may ask.

Plagiarising what Shed Bikes said:

“ This is aimed at getting first time cyclists or lapsed cyclists back on the road in a comfortable environment.
We recognise that many people are put off cycling because of lack of confidence, traffic or perhaps worried about having to cycle too far out of their comfort zone.
If you join one of our rides you do so safe in the knowledge that a Rusty Bike Ride is over a shorter distance, generally on cycle paths and at a very comfortable pace, in the company of experienced cyclists.
If you would like to take that first tentative step that could change the rest of your life, then one of our rides could be for you!”

Perhaps it should be made clear that the “Rusty” refers to the rider’s view of their current cycling expertise, not the bicycles. Naturally we expect your bicycle to be in a reasonably roadworthy state when you turn up. So it’s up to you to make sure you’re not the one walking home later.

Please also note that this is just a group of friends and acquaintances meeting up for a bike ride. YOU TAKE PART ENTIRELY AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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