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Bath Cycle Network Quality Audit

If we’re going to have a conversation about cycling in Bath and North East Somerset we need to be able to know where we are starting from and where we want to end up. More importantly we need a way of talking to individual councillors and asking them, what they are doing about “their” patch.

So something that was started as a project at a Bath Hacked “Celebrate the City” hackathon, has very quickly, over the last couple of days, evolved into something rather powerful:


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Is there value in the Bath Strava Data?

[EDIT 22nd May 2016: Bath Hacked have now released an interactive tool which you can read about here]
For those of you who are not aware, I’m an I.T. guy and have been involved with Bath Hacked for some time, even winning hackathons a few times. Bath Hacked has one hell of a reputation, been mentioned in parliament and is internationally known for their work with open data.

In January 2015 I approached Strava to ask if they would provide to Bath Hacked the 2015 Bath Strava Metro data set for free using the reputation Bath Hacked has garnered. A year later, Strava finally provided the 2015 data set to Bath Hacked. A data set valued at around £10,000.

Strava Metro

Strava Metro is a data service providing “ground truth” on where people ride and run. Millions of GPS-tracked activities are uploaded to Strava every week from around the globe. In denser metro areas, nearly one-half of these are commutes. These activities create billions of data points that, when aggregated, enable deep analysis and understanding of real-world cycling and pedestrian route preferences.

Bath Hacked have already written an initial set of articles about the data and will be following up with more analysis as we, and by that I mean you, start asking deeper questions of the data:

The articles marked with a (*) have all the pretty pictures in them.

However the question is, what can 12,139 Strava Athletes tell us about cycling in Bath? More importantly how can CycleBath and the council use it to effect a more intelligent delivery of infrastructure?

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Cycle Route Audit Tool or how to get Local Authorities thinking about cycling.

Bath and North East Somerset Council, like most councils, is a hodgepodge of different departments looking after their own fiefdoms. This can result in very narrow thinking when it comes to individual projects. It also makes it very difficult for councillors to direct policy. Councillors are usually not experts in street design. Neither should they be.

We need to give councillors the tools to ‘manage’ all the departments delivering schemes in the public realm. This is something that the Wales recognised when they created the Welsh Active Travel Guidance. Inside this guidance was the Cycle Route Audit tool. A tool Local Authorities can use to look at existing and upcoming schemes and evaluate them. A tool that enables councillors to tell their council officers that a scheme MUST hit a score of 35 out of 50. A tool that allows councillors to drive policy. A tool that will give us better officers building better public spaces.

The Cycle Route Audit Tool