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Thirty Mile Thursdays to Mells

mells.jpg-10This Thursday, it’s Mells via the two tunnels and Radstock. Mostly cycle route there, but back over the top for variety. Around 25 miles last time I looked. Tea in Mells, a beautiful churchyard with historic grave of a famous war poet,  and should we want to delay, we can visit an exceptional ancient pub at Tuckers Grave on the way back. Everyone is welcome as these are easy non speedy rides (with the occasional unavoidable hill which you can walk up). We aren’t in it for the distance or the speed! Lycra and other fancy stuff is completely unnecessary (I cycle in Cords as you know), but you will need a bike in good order, with a decent range of gears, but please, not a mountain bike! 9.30 prompt from Kingsmead Square, on 4th February.

At the moment our gender ratio is approx one third women, two thirds men. Lets get it 50:50


30 Mile Thursdays- the almost flat ride

9e1181dc-0899-4bbc-961e-648ff62d8f33Everyone is welcome on our weekly rides, leaving Kingsmead Square each Thursday at 09:30. The emphasis is firmly on fun, and definitely not on fast! So leave your lycra behind and join us for a sociable and relaxed ride through some of the most beautiful scenery in the area. This Thursday’s ride is almost flat and then downhill once we have climbed out of St Catherine’s valley, but lots of us will be walking and talking our way up that one! Tea and most probably cake in Marshfield. Back via Doynton, Upton Cheney and the cycle path. Home by around 2 p.m.

30 Mile Thursdays hits the Big City

4.4-the-first-ride-looking-back-towards-owen-square-1983--1440080969This Thursday 7th January it’s the big city! We’ll be cycling down the cycle path to Bristol to explore the docks and have lunch in a lovely cycling cafe. We’ll also check out some of Mayor George Ferguson’s new cycle routes and see how we are missing out in Bath.  It is a sort of circular route as we’ll cycle in and out of Bristol by different cycle routes. A journey of discovery. Back about 2.30-3:00.  Leaves as usual from Kingsmead Square at 09.30.

Everyone is welcome, so long as you have a working bicycle and a pair of legs. As you probably know by now, we don’t do fast, we just do fun!


If you are looking for an easy paced, easy going, weekday social cycling group, that is definitely not macho or competitive, give Thirty Mile Thursdays a try. We ride every Thursday from Kingsmead Square at 09:30. We never go more than 30 miles so are always back by around 14:00, and that includes our crucial cake and coffee stop.

The emphasis is on social and enjoyment, though we’d like to think the exercise does us good too! You don’t have to be super fit to join us. And you definitely don’t need lycra!  You just need a bike. This being Bath, we can’t avoid the odd hill,  but there is absolutely no shame in walking up them.

This Thursday we are cycling to Mells. Why not give it a try?

ffi Tony Ambrose 07816 588287

30 mile thursdays goes bananas


The three of us who turned up in the cold rain last Thursday invoked rule 5 and went home to read a good book.

So this Thursday 26th November, we’ll be doing last Thursday’s ride to Bradford On Avon, which will be lovely as no rain is forecast. There are also two great attractions at Bradford. First,we’ll pop into Mr Salvats for coffee and travel back in time (really). Second, Thursday is market day in BoA, so we can all stock up on fruit and veg and lug them back on our bikes.

We will cycle out through Conkwell woods and back through Iford and Freshford, mostly on back lanes, with just a tiny bit of towpath.

See you Thursday. 9:30, Kingsmead Square. Back about 2 pm. Share this with your friends and lets see if we can beat our record of 15!
FFI: Tony Ambrose 07816 588287.

30 Mile Thursdays goes back in time


Please join us this Thursday 19th November, for a ride to Bradford on Avon for morning coffee at Mr Salvats coffee rooms rooms. If you haven’t been there, expect to be surprised, and transported back in time.

The ride leaves from Kingsmead Square at 09:30, then a short stretch of the canal path, before heading out through the woods of Warleigh and Conkwell. This may be the last chance you have to cycle on the canal towpath for a while as it’s due to close soon for resurfacing, so don’t miss out!

Let’s see if we can beat last weeks record of 15 riders!

Remember our mantra: we don’t do fast, lycra not needed, and walking up hills is fine by us.

Back in Bath by about 2 pm.

Have fun next Thursday

Don’t wait till next weekend to have more fun. Join 30 Mile Thursdays for a lovely easygoing ride to Tormarton on 29th October. You should by now know the score. Just in case you don’t, you need to know that we are very sociable, we enjoy cycling at an easy pace and we have no interest in lycra. Or speed. And some of us enjoy walking up hills too. We usually do 30 miles and are back by mid afternoon after a tea or lunch stop. Even if you have never been before, we would love to see you.

Thirty Mile Thursdays Flyer

cycle the city ride 2 (about the ride)

The ride took place on Sunday 8 February. Although a small group for the ride, I think we all enjoyed it. We could not have wished for a better morning for the ride. As the pub was not open at Midford, we decided to go to the one in Monkton Combe and very nice it was. We decided not to return to the city back through tunnels as we all had run the tunnels many times, instead we completed the route via the canal back to the city.

The route took us down Westgate Buildings, Sawclose, Queen Square, Victoria Park, Victoria Bridge, up towards Moorland Road and Moorfields where we joined the path to the two tunnels, through the tunnels to Midford, back to Monkton Combe, joined the canal at Claverton, Bathhampton, Sydney Gardens, Pultenly Street, back to the Abbey.

victoria   two tunnels