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30 Mile Thursdays gets stoned


Everyone is welcome to join us on our nearly midsummer ride to the Stanton Drew stone circle this Thursday 16th June. You are free to chant, hug the stones, or just eat a sandwich and gaze in wonderment at this little known neolithic memorial to who knows what. It’s the third largest stone circle in  England, and one of our region’s best kept secrets. We will leave from Kingsmead Square at 09:30, back by about 2:30. This is a fairly easy ride,  so do come if you would like to give these rides a try. ffi contact Tony  07816 588287. We will stop for tea somewhere along the way. Probably.

30 Mile Thursdays: The Gloves come off

This Thursday’s ride, 9th June, is to Holt Glove Factory for tea cake and gloves. Leaving from Kingsmead Square at 09:30, out through Bathford. Guaranteed lovely, with one hill that we will all walk up! Everyone welcome, especially if you have never been before. The rides are very easygoing. If you are a first timer please make sure your bike is in good condition. At a guess this ride will be a little less than 30 miles. Back between 2 and 3 pm.  ffi 07816 588287


30 Miles Thursday in search of boiled fruit cake


Join Thirty Mile Thursday this Thursday 26th May as we explore new lands, and head for Green Ore, just this side of Wells, thanks to Julian. We are promised  boiled fruit cake on arrival and maybe a slug of Greenore whiskey. Yes.

Expect some hills, but also some simply stunning countryside. Out through the 2 Tunnels, then cycle route to Radstock, then lanes. This ride is 36 miles return from Kingsmead Square, (leaves 09:30) or 32 miles from entrance to 2 Tunnels (leaves 09:45).

Everyone is welcome, You definitely don’t need lycra or any go-faster stuff as we don’t know what fast is, but you do need a bike in good condition. If you have just fished your bike out of the garden shed, or don’t usually ride this distance on it, it is worth getting it looked over by a bike shop. In particular check, tyres, brakes and gears.

Frome get ready for 30 Mile Thursdays!


So this Thursday will be our final assault on Frome. We have tried twice to get there before and been distracted by tea stops or broken chains. Third time lucky.

9:30 prompt depart from  Kingsmead Square, 9:45 by entrance to first of the 2 tunnels, 10:05 at Midford pub car park, 10:15 ish at Wellow Fox and Badger.

Everyone is welcome, especially if you have never been before, or think that you could never cycle 30 miles. You can. We  take our time.  We always wait for the back to catch up. Life is too short to hurry everywhere. Quiet lanes and cycle routes all the way. A few unavoidable hills but you can walk up them. And no, you don’t need lycra and fancy gear. But you do need a bike in reasonably  good condition. Back by about 3 p.m.  ffi Tony 07816 588287

30 Mile Thursdays rides to Rode

This Thursday 28th April, join 30 Mile Thursdays  for an easy ride to Rode, to one of the best tea stops in the area. Around 24 miles, much of it flat. 9:30 from Kingsmead Square, 9:45 from the entrance to the 2 Tunnels at Bear Flat. Just turn up with a bike and away you go. Back by 2 p.m. We are a friendly lot, so newcomers are always welcome. We also don’t ride very fast. So if you like head down stuff we are the wrong group! Tossing pancakes is apparently big in Rode. …

Pancake race c1970

30 Miles Thursday rides 12 miles for a cuppa.

This Thursday 21st April we will ride by quite lanes and cycle routes to To The Miners Coffee Shop at Pensford. It may be a long way to go for a cup of coffee, but  who knew Pensford now has its own microbrewrey? Hopefully we’ll get a taste….
These rides just get better and better. If you have never been before, we are a sociable easygoing crowd. That means we welcome all comers and we don’t do fast. And we don’t understand the word ‘competitive’ either. But yes there will be some hills. You can’t avoid them around here, but it’s ok to walk up them and if you come a few times, you’ll find you’ll soon be cycling up them! Just bring  a bike and please check the tyres are ok, the brakes and gears work and all its bits are properly attached.
09:30 dept from Kingsmead Square.  Back the usual sort of time, 2 ishish.

30 Mile Thursdays goes to the Cotswolds

Dont miss this Thursday’s 30 Mile Thursdays Ride, because it takes in the most beautiful countryside on the edge of Bath, because the trees will be coming into leaf, because there will be as many downs as ups, because the company is great, because you wont feel under any pressure on our rides. 25 miles-ish in the direction of Marshfield, may get to Castle Combe if time. Leaves Kingsmead Square at 09:30 on the dot.

Everyone welcome especially if you haven’t been before. Lycra is not needed, nor those fancy and expensive cycling shoes that make you fall off your bike when you cant get them out of your pedals. And you can walk up hills. We’ll be walking with you. Back around 2:30- ish. Just turn up with your bike!1280px-Castle_combe_cotswolds

30 Mile Thursdays works off the Easter Eggscess

Join us this Thursday and work off some of that Easter eggcess. Mary and Miriam will be leading us on quiet lanes to Broughton Gifford, (just beyond Bradford on Avon), and Merkin’s Cafe.  A few hills at the start, (and you can join me walking up those), with lovely views afterwards. As always you are especially welcome if you have never been before. Lycra is definitely not needed. We don’t ride that fast! See you in Kingsmead Square at 09:30. Back by around 2 p.m.DSC_0821

Ride to Rode by Road


This Thursday, 3rd March, join 30 Mile Thursdays for a 9:30 very prompt start from Kingsmead Square or 9:45 at the entrance to the 2 Tunnels.  Rode is noted in Wikipedia for the following attractions:  “Rode is home to two village pumps, a mounted plough, a wellhead pump, an elaborate village sign, a flagpole and a war memorial in the form of a cross.” I can hardly contain myself. It is also home to one of the best tea places I have visited, but be prepared to enjoy their home baking al fresco as it is very small. Onwards to Beckington then home for a late lunch. 28 miles on the nail.

As always, we welcome new and novice cyclists and if you leave your lycra at home and walk up hills, you win my vote!

30 Mile Thursdays heads for Poldark country

Join us this Thursday as we ride to Poldark country. No we aren’t riding to Cornwall. We are riding to Corsham, where much of Poldark was filmed, and we are going via Great Chalfield Manor, a fabulous old pile. As always this ride comes within the 30 mile limit, and you are especially welcome if you have never cycled with us before. None of us are cycling experts, none of us are speedy. many of us walk up hills. And you dont need lycra, just a bike! We ride each week because it is sociable and fun. Join us for a 9:30 depart from Kingsmead Square on the 25th February. Back around 2 pm._74680398_untitled