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Are cars the new Tobacco?

When I first started on this journey of becoming a Cycle Campaigner, I naively considered it to be a simple evidence based approach to developing a better environment for people to get around. The simple fact, by 2030 the UK will be at 35% obesity, up from 27% today, while the Netherlands would be at 8.5% obesity, down from 10% today, makes it obvious that we have a fundamental problem in the way we prioritise space on our roads, yes?

Apparently this is political dogma and it’s pretty obvious, that over the 4+ years I’ve become deeply involved in transport, that most, if not all councillors put the well being of their voting pool before the well being of society at large.

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A day in the life of somebody cycling from Timsbury

We recently highlighted the work that Timsbury Cycling Group are doing and as part of their work Alex Evans reached out to me about what he can do next forwarding the email chain he has had with the council.

Within one of his emails, he describes his daily commute from Timsbury. I tried highlighting particular sentences but it ended up with most of the email being highlighted. Read it. Understand this is a daily occurrence.  Continue reading A day in the life of somebody cycling from Timsbury

Our Transport in their hands and the future is bleak…maybe

We have a problem in England and it doesn’t seem to be getting better. Given the recent Newbridge Park and Ride design, I think we’re pretty much staying still. We are designing roads for cars and then adding on active travel aspects as an afterthought. The fault here is very much at the council officers and not the councillors. Elected representatives come and go. Officers are forever. Officers know this. A lot of transport schemes are 5+ years in the making. It really makes no difference to the officers what the councillors want. In a couple of years they will be gone and a new bunch of councillors will be in. In the meantime the councillors get it in the neck from the voting public. It’s obviously their fault because obviously being elected to office immediately makes you an expert on transport.

The reality is that councils have senior management teams that are paid a LOT of money for their expertise in delivering good transport infrastructure and they are just not up to scratch.

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