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BaNES Cycle Forum Tuesday 26th 6pm Guildhall

The delayed BaNES Cycle Forum is happening tomorrow night (26th of July @ 6pm) at the Guild Hall in the Aix-en-Provence room.

The current set of issues that have been raised are to be found here

We’re not expecting this to be a long meeting.

The Issues document has been setup for the 8th of September meeting and can be added to here .




BaNES Cycle Forum 26th of July 6pm Guildhall

Title says it all.

This is the delayed forum meeting and will be held at the Guildhall on the 26th at 6pm-8pm.

One of the big issues at the moment is the lack of path maintenance and the way different paths are managed by different departments.

If you want questions raised, add them here .

BaNES Cycle Forum – Guildhall 6pm May 10th

CycleBath re-aligned it’s meetings to prepare a set of questions they want the council to address at the Cycle Forum. These have now been sent to the council in preparation for the meeting in a week’s time.

The agenda for the meeting is as follows

  1. Q&A session based on the submitted questions.
  2. Presentation of Scholar’s Way
  3. Presentation of the interactive strava tool.
  4. Any other business.


Note that I (Adam Reynolds), within my capacity as Cycling UK BaNES Right to Ride rep, will be reaching out to each of the connecting communities forums (Somer, Bathavon, Keynsham, Chew Valley, and Bath City) as well as all cycling groups to bring a more balanced view of the needs of cyclists within BaNES and not just Bath. This will take time.

Below you will find the set of questions (primarily focused on the city of Bath)

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CycleBath Meeting 3rd of May (Pre-BaNES Cycle Forum)

As planned, CycleBath is now holding it’s  bi-monthly meeting ONE week before the BaNES Cycle Forum. This meeting will set the agenda for the Cycle Forum as well as set a number of questions that we would like answered at the Cycle Forum.

Questions will be published after the meeting and questions with answers will be published again after the BaNES Cycle Forum.

This really should be a productive meeting and enable the Cycle Forum to be productive or at least more focused.

To be held at the Griffin Inn, Monmouth Street, Bath 7pm-9pm. Link to the Facebook event is here

Monthly Meeting, Sunday 20th of March

Something we should have been announcing on the site, but have been using Facebook and the email group to do.

Our monthly meeting on Sunday March the 20th 2016, between 7 and 9pm in the Griffin Pub, Monmouth Street is held to discuss issues that have arisen within the last month and to get updates on ongoing projects.

I will be hosting a small workshop on the work Bath Hacked has done with the Bath Strava Metro data set:

An example of the work:


BaNES Cycle Forum 8th March 2016

The bi-monthly BaNES cycle forum will be held tomorrow at the Keynsham Civic Centre between 6pm and 8pm in the community space above the Library, accessible from Temple Street.

Council officers will present the “Sustrans community engagement to support B&NES cycling infrastructure delivery to March 2018”. This is a significant work that will require a lot of feedback from CycleBath and other cycling groups in BaNES.

I will be be providing a preview of the work Bath Hacked has done with the Strava Metro data. Bath Hacked are asking for your help to develop the ideas of what can be done with the data. Just as a teaser this is a small section of a youtube video showing Fieldings Bridge. Size of dot is number of riders in a day, colour is how slow a section is.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 19.50.12
Fieldings Bridge is a high use, very difficult to negotiate on the north side of the river.

BaNES Cycle Forum Tuesday 14th of July Guildhall 6pm

Tonight is the BaNES Cycle Forum. With the new administration finding its feet, the forum is evolving and as such the new agenda has also evolved to accommodate a more pro-active approach to identifying issues and developing new routes. Expect the forum to become very much a way of driving the programme of Cycle infrastructure delivery. If you are reading this, your input is vital to the future direction BaNES will take.

Cycle Bath May Monthly Meeting 7pm tonight

Our monthly meeting where we discuss cycling in and around Bath. Focus this evening is probably going to focus around Cllr Tony Clarke’s comments at the Cycle Forum and the recent abolishment of the Cycle Champion.

An issue we also have to do discuss is Colin Reece asserting the the 675k upgrade of the Larkhall to Towpath ramp and the towpath out to Bathampton is to be delivered this year. This completely ignores all the other pieces (toucans etc) that Cycle Bath has proposed to create a child friendly network from Batheaston/Bathampton/Larkhall/Snowhill into the city centre. I have expressed that a relaying of the current surface is “good enough” if it gives us all the other pieces that create a good network.

7pm at the Griffin, tonight, Sunday the 17th of May.

Hope to see you there.

BaNES Cycle Forum – The £3.8Million for 2 bridges, tarmacing a canal path and 400k for some other stuff in the county edition

As you may be aware the council hosts the excellent, informative, and sometimes raucous BaNES Cycle forum. This one is quite interesting because Cllr Nigel Roberts will be detailing:

  • The £3,800,000 Cycle City Ambition Fund that Bath has won and how it is to be spent over the coming 3 years, with a particular focus on year 1. Expect to have the following explained in detail:
    1. Kennet & Avon Canal tow path. To enhance the traffic free route into central Bath along the tow path by upgrading the surface and widening the path for 2.44km along the NCN4 cycle route to benefit cyclists and pedestrians. This includes the path between Grosvenor Bridge and the tow path. Estimated cost £675,000.
    2. Halfpenny Bridge. To widen the bridge, or construct a new bridge alongside the existing structure, to span the River Avon and link up the Bath Spa Rail Station with Rossiter Road for cyclists. Estimated cost £1.82m.
    3. Locksbrook Railway Bridge. To provide a new crossing for pedestrians and cyclists over the River Avon, linking the Railway Path and Two Tunnels. Estimated cost £1.3m.
  • The £400,000 Local Sustainability Transport Fund spend for the 2015/2016 year within the county.

For those people asking why Halfpenny Bridge is going to cost £1.82m this is where to why. (Hint it’s not just sorting out the bridge but the connections from Widcombe to the City for cycling).

Facebook event here or just turn up at the Guildhall on Tuesday the 10th, for 6pm and get stuck in!