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Cycle Bath Meeting Thursday 20th of Feb 7:30pm-9pm All Welcome!

Cycle Bath Meeting to discuss the progress on Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, our issues map (, and whether Cycle Bath should move with the times and ‘evolve’ into Walk Ride Bath.

As much as we have focused on cycling for years, we now need to recognise that micro-mobility devices (cycles, scooters, skateboards, wheelchairs, etc) are being transformed by electric motors and the way people are moving around our city is changing.

Should we become an inclusive organisation that champions walking and riding in all forms clearly recognising the need for good riding infrastructure separate, where possible, from good inclusive walking infrastructure?

Where walking and riding are correctly prioritised and good space created on our roads to affect the modal shift away from car dependency.

See you then but feel free to discuss below! This was inspired by this article

Meeting will be held at the Guild Co-Working Space on Thursday the 20th of Feb from 7:30pm till 9pm.

More details here:

See you then.


Cycle Bath Meeting 20th of Feb 7:30pm

Meeting will be in the front room of the Guild Co-Working Space on the 20th of Feb at 7:30pm.

Agenda so far:



B&NES Low Traffic Neighbourhoods Expert Briefing

As of writing there are 81 tickets left. Book your ticket here:

What are Low Traffic Neighbourhoods?

Your chance to find out more from an expert briefing.

The New Administration at B&NES Council have an ambitious plan to change the way people travel.

Active and sustainable modes of transport support good health and well-being by reducing inactivity, improving air quality and reducing road danger. They provide the most efficient use of street space and help to create attractive local environments for residents, visitors and businesses. The Healthy Streets Approach provides a framework that puts human health and experience at the heart of planning.

Come and hear how Low Traffic Neighbourhoods have been implemented in North London. Cllr Clyde Loakes, Deputy Leader of Waltham Forest has enabled far reaching infrastructure changes by implementing Low Traffic Neighbourhoods. To find out more about how Cllr Loakes has created a new way of living come and hear him speak at The Guildhall, Banqueting Room, Bath, BA1 5AW. Tue, January 28, 2020 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM GMT

There will be the opportunity to ask questions in the Q & A session at the end.

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Cycle Bath Meeting This Wednesday (18th September)

Meet 19:30 at the Guild Co-Working space. Event details here.

Attendees will get a #ClosePass Driver Education Stencil Kit. Please use irresponsibly.

Agenda so far:

1) Bath Cycling Charter (see
2) Family Friendly Critical Mass for Saturday 21st to coincide with Car Free Milsom Street that weekend?
3) AOB (Please add below!)
— Secure Bike Parking

Cycle Bath Meeting Write-up

I’m trying to brain dump this while it is still fresh in my head. Discussions were far ranging but I will put them under the agenda items even though we did not follow the order as best I can.

Before I start, can I just say, what an amazing turn up. We had more women than men. Our Facebook Group has helped make this a more inclusive group. For the next meeting I will look to get more information out on using posters but again, thank you for turning up. Continue reading Cycle Bath Meeting Write-up

Cycle Bath Meeting July 4th 7:30pm Guild Co-Working Space

The Cycle Bath Facebook group was used to decide the day and time of the meeting to be more inclusive. The Guild Co-Working space have graciously provided us with the front room to use.

The FB group was also used to poll what people wanted to address. Working groups will be used on the night. If you have a passion for a specific issue, please come along and join in.

  1. Safer Routes To Schools (Voters 13)
  2. Lobbying for Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (Voters 11)
  3. Two Tunnels ramp to Lyncombe Vale Road (Voters 5)
  4. Pot Holes (Voters 5)
  5. Bath Living Heart (Voters 4)
  6. Path Verge Maintenance (Voters 3)
  7. Accessibility Issues (Cycle Design Vehicle 1.2m x 2.8m) (Voters 3)
  8. Illegal and inconsiderate parking (Voters 2)
  9. 20 where people live (Voters 2)
  10. Resurfacing the B2B (Voters 1)
  11. Sustainable Transport Route – Green Park to B-B Path (Inc Locksbrook Bridge) (Voters 2)
  12. Two Tunnels tarmac to Wellow (Voters 1)

Cycle Bath Meeting, Guild Hub 6:30pm Today (Wednesday 29th of May)

Apologies for the late notification, there is a meeting this evening.

The Guild Hub Co-Working space is to the left of the Guild Market.
0) New council, now what?
1) Low Traffic Neighbourhoods:- An introduction to engaging your neighbourhood community and enabling these to happen.
2) Hartwell Site Consultation response
3) Active Travel Forum priorities
– Oxfordshire Cycling and Walking Standards
4) Cycle Bath social rides/events. CB really is too focused on the political and I think it would be good to have the odd (cargo) bike ride/picnic or two.
5) Commitment to regular monthly ride + meet beginning June.
6) Accessible Bath. Why do we still have things like Claude Avenue

We are expecting Cllr Joanna Wright (Cabinet member for Transport) to come along (based on the FB confirmation).

Cycle Bath AGM (Tonight)

I do realise this is short notice but realised the only place where I had not put this was on here.

Tonight 7pm to 8pm Cycle Bath AGM at the New Inn, Monmouth Place.

Two big issues:

  1. We need a secretary. Meetings have been ad-hoc and our planned paid membership scheme will need managing.
  2. We need to work out who will begin badgering the council about the lack of mowing of verges along all paths. This person will begin emailing the council around June and will hopefully get something done by mid-August, all while the council keeps telling this person that they are part of normal maintenance and are planned to be cut in September, once everybody goes back to school.

BaNES Active Travel and Accessibility Forum 24/10/17 Minutes

ATAF Meeting 24/10/17 Kaposvar Room, The Guildhall


Cllr Mark Shelford (MS); Nigel Sherwen (NS); Adam Reynolds (AJR); Frank Tompson (FT); Julian Carpenter (JC); Gill Risbridger (GR); Alison Sherwin (AS); Justin Reeve (JR); Bryn Jones (BJ)


Introduction & welcome. Cllr Shelford expresses desire for future input of forum into transport planning.

AS reviewed minutes. FT requested outstanding questions answered; to send to Cllr Shelford by email for consideration. Request for sign on Grove Street investigated but no space as footways narrow. Funding for access improvements obtained from LGF, locations identified through Sustrans audit – AS to update locations.

Future meeting format: Cllr Shelford set out ambition for blue sky thinking through forum. Objectives such as quadrupling of cycling must be achieved through small scale intervention. Would like future direction to look at bigger picture. AJR – asked for focus on safe routes to school as a priority. NS – cycle routes must have connectivity end to end. MS – would like to visit examples of best practice for learning; requested suggested destinations. AJR proposed Walthamstow.

AJR noted lack of accessibility contribution. Forum will try to be as inclusive as possible, but recognises that lack of formal disability organisations affects potential contributors.

Briefing on cycle action plan: AS Proposals expected for comment in November, at outline design stage. Community engagement also planned for Larkhall and Bear Flat. BJ noted that local proposals for Larkhall need to be integrated into larger plan; to consider in larger context of LCWIP for funding.

Weston to Julian Rd route: AS. Proposals updated following discussions with local Cllrs. Signing and lining expected completion before Christmas, raised table constructed in New Year. Investigate possibility to make advisory cycle lane mandatory (where width allows)?

Discussion items:

Local Walking and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) – West of England proposal for LCWIP in accordance with DfT guidance. Focus on areas with greatest potential benefit. AJR asked for attention to be given to school run measures. Public consultation expected early 2018. East Sussex moving ahead already with Sustranswatch for examples.

Kingsmead Square – study taking place, forum should be involved in any future discussion regarding this space. Cllr Shelford noted that weekend closures proposed as an experiment during Christmas market to reduce vehicle traffic.

Locksbrook Bridge – FT asked if B&NES would adopt bridge to enable bridge to form part of linked cycle routes. Look for opportunity for future capital funding. In 2018/19 draft capital programme there is a budget allocated for a feasibility study to determine key issues. This budget still requires approval. MS indicated support for bid.

Two Tunnels signage – FT requested additional signage at access points. Would like funding to deliver proposals put forward. AS to put into 2018 budget request.

TRO London Road – to discuss offline.

Seasonal maintenance of shared paths – NS notes impact of autumn leaf fall on narrowing paths and creating hazard. Also locations where paths are breaking up due to lack of maintenance. MS acknowledges need to look at strategic objective to justify funding for routine maintenance.

London Rd gateway scheme – discussions with Simon Thomas. Awaiting report on changes proposed.

Paragon crossing – MS to discuss with AS.


JR to circulate information from Bristol on cycle/pedestrian issues.

AJR noted lack of drop crossing on Saltford cycle route at Broadmead roundabout. AS to investigate if can be resolved. MS noted lack of direction signs from BtoB railway path to Saltford/Keynsham.

FT received approach from self build association regarding micro housing, will forward query to MS.

GR requested that pedestrians be included in cycle action plan.

Next meeting –

Tuesday 30 January 5pm to 7pm. Guildhall. Feedback from members was for 5pm start for future meeting.