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Cycle Bath AGM (Tonight)

I do realise this is short notice but realised the only place where I had not put this was on here.

Tonight 7pm to 8pm Cycle Bath AGM at the New Inn, Monmouth Place.

Two big issues:

  1. We need a secretary. Meetings have been ad-hoc and our planned paid membership scheme will need managing.
  2. We need to work out who will begin badgering the council about the lack of mowing of verges along all paths. This person will begin emailing the council around June and will hopefully get something done by mid-August, all while the council keeps telling this person that they are part of normal maintenance and are planned to be cut in September, once everybody goes back to school.

BaNES Active Travel and Accessibility Forum 24/10/17 Minutes

ATAF Meeting 24/10/17 Kaposvar Room, The Guildhall


Cllr Mark Shelford (MS); Nigel Sherwen (NS); Adam Reynolds (AJR); Frank Tompson (FT); Julian Carpenter (JC); Gill Risbridger (GR); Alison Sherwin (AS); Justin Reeve (JR); Bryn Jones (BJ)


Introduction & welcome. Cllr Shelford expresses desire for future input of forum into transport planning.

AS reviewed minutes. FT requested outstanding questions answered; to send to Cllr Shelford by email for consideration. Request for sign on Grove Street investigated but no space as footways narrow. Funding for access improvements obtained from LGF, locations identified through Sustrans audit – AS to update locations.

Future meeting format: Cllr Shelford set out ambition for blue sky thinking through forum. Objectives such as quadrupling of cycling must be achieved through small scale intervention. Would like future direction to look at bigger picture. AJR – asked for focus on safe routes to school as a priority. NS – cycle routes must have connectivity end to end. MS – would like to visit examples of best practice for learning; requested suggested destinations. AJR proposed Walthamstow.

AJR noted lack of accessibility contribution. Forum will try to be as inclusive as possible, but recognises that lack of formal disability organisations affects potential contributors.

Briefing on cycle action plan: AS Proposals expected for comment in November, at outline design stage. Community engagement also planned for Larkhall and Bear Flat. BJ noted that local proposals for Larkhall need to be integrated into larger plan; to consider in larger context of LCWIP for funding.

Weston to Julian Rd route: AS. Proposals updated following discussions with local Cllrs. Signing and lining expected completion before Christmas, raised table constructed in New Year. Investigate possibility to make advisory cycle lane mandatory (where width allows)?

Discussion items:

Local Walking and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) – West of England proposal for LCWIP in accordance with DfT guidance. Focus on areas with greatest potential benefit. AJR asked for attention to be given to school run measures. Public consultation expected early 2018. East Sussex moving ahead already with Sustranswatch for examples.

Kingsmead Square – study taking place, forum should be involved in any future discussion regarding this space. Cllr Shelford noted that weekend closures proposed as an experiment during Christmas market to reduce vehicle traffic.

Locksbrook Bridge – FT asked if B&NES would adopt bridge to enable bridge to form part of linked cycle routes. Look for opportunity for future capital funding. In 2018/19 draft capital programme there is a budget allocated for a feasibility study to determine key issues. This budget still requires approval. MS indicated support for bid.

Two Tunnels signage – FT requested additional signage at access points. Would like funding to deliver proposals put forward. AS to put into 2018 budget request.

TRO London Road – to discuss offline.

Seasonal maintenance of shared paths – NS notes impact of autumn leaf fall on narrowing paths and creating hazard. Also locations where paths are breaking up due to lack of maintenance. MS acknowledges need to look at strategic objective to justify funding for routine maintenance.

London Rd gateway scheme – discussions with Simon Thomas. Awaiting report on changes proposed.

Paragon crossing – MS to discuss with AS.


JR to circulate information from Bristol on cycle/pedestrian issues.

AJR noted lack of drop crossing on Saltford cycle route at Broadmead roundabout. AS to investigate if can be resolved. MS noted lack of direction signs from BtoB railway path to Saltford/Keynsham.

FT received approach from self build association regarding micro housing, will forward query to MS.

GR requested that pedestrians be included in cycle action plan.

Next meeting –

Tuesday 30 January 5pm to 7pm. Guildhall. Feedback from members was for 5pm start for future meeting.

Ride and Meet – Today 6pm

Cycle Bath is meeting in Kingsmead Square today (Wednesday 14th of June) for 6pm to leisurely ride over to the Locksbrook Inn for 6:30pm to have a meeting. The main purpose of the meeting is to discuss what our new MP can do for cycling. Other subjects will arise. We’ll probably end up discussing the poor maintenance of paths and the slow ingres of nettles narrowing a lot of the paths as they get busier during the summer.

See you at 6pm. The weather is looking beautiful.

CycleBath Meeting Tonight (1st of March)

Just realised this is the one place this has not been mentioned.

Tonight, 6pm, The Thief, Monmouth Place, Bath

Been a long time but without the BaNES Cycle Forum being in place and has now been transformed into the BaNES Active Travel and Accessibility Forum (ATAF) we have something to work towards.

Hope to see you there.

CycleBath Meeting This Wednesday 19th Oct

Been a long time and I think this is very much over due.

Items on the agenda:
1) News on the BaNES Cycling Walking and Accessibility Forum (none as of today and am chasing with Paul Crossley).
2) Cross-Groups Bath Die-In Protest. That last email from Cllr Clarke made me angry ( This will need Police co-ordination. (Adam Reynolds& Dick Daniel to coordinate with other groups)
3) Bath Bike Jumble (Tim Beadle now heading this up).
4) Council to implement an Inclusive Cycling Campaign? (All routes should cope with a 2.8m long by 1.2m wide cycle design vehicle) (Need somebody to lead on this.)
5) Construction update covering Bellotts Road Bridge and Destructor Bridge. (Any others?)
6) Tube maps and a vision for Bath.
7) Cycle Racks on Buses update. (DfT now have their cycling officer involved.)
8) Let’s talk about Cllr Clarke’s exceptionally ignorant email (
9) Street Diets as part of road resurfacing programmes.
10) Keynsham is getting active.
11) A.O.B

Anything else people want to raise, please add to comments.

We’ll be meeting at 7pm in the New Inn, Monmouth Place.

BaNES Cycle Forum – Guildhall 6pm May 10th

CycleBath re-aligned it’s meetings to prepare a set of questions they want the council to address at the Cycle Forum. These have now been sent to the council in preparation for the meeting in a week’s time.

The agenda for the meeting is as follows

  1. Q&A session based on the submitted questions.
  2. Presentation of Scholar’s Way
  3. Presentation of the interactive strava tool.
  4. Any other business.


Note that I (Adam Reynolds), within my capacity as Cycling UK BaNES Right to Ride rep, will be reaching out to each of the connecting communities forums (Somer, Bathavon, Keynsham, Chew Valley, and Bath City) as well as all cycling groups to bring a more balanced view of the needs of cyclists within BaNES and not just Bath. This will take time.

Below you will find the set of questions (primarily focused on the city of Bath)

Continue reading BaNES Cycle Forum – Guildhall 6pm May 10th

CycleBath Meeting 3rd of May (Pre-BaNES Cycle Forum)

As planned, CycleBath is now holding it’s  bi-monthly meeting ONE week before the BaNES Cycle Forum. This meeting will set the agenda for the Cycle Forum as well as set a number of questions that we would like answered at the Cycle Forum.

Questions will be published after the meeting and questions with answers will be published again after the BaNES Cycle Forum.

This really should be a productive meeting and enable the Cycle Forum to be productive or at least more focused.

To be held at the Griffin Inn, Monmouth Street, Bath 7pm-9pm. Link to the Facebook event is here