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A better Advanced Stop Line

Over the weekend I made a rather ironic meme:

Blindspotand then tweeted it out:

It did result in a serious discussion and after a lot of thought I redesigned the markings for an ASL using the new deeper ASL standard to give better visual clues to cyclists, but also worked on a set of demands that would significantly improve junction safety.

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Bath, a city looking to tame the car

The UK has, for decades, been extremely backward looking when it comes to understanding how to build healthy livable cities. There are exceptions, Cambridge comes to mind. However if we really want to understand how we can make our city a healthier, more walkable, bikeable, economically vibrant place, we need to look further afield.

In particular there are two cities that have have had remarkable successes in achieving car free city centres; Pontevedra and Nijmegen. Continue reading Bath, a city looking to tame the car

In support of the Bath Cable Car

Recently I have been working with census data that indicates around 31,000 local car journeys are being made in the city, with around 7000 Bath residents driving to work in Bath and 5000 school children being dropped off and picked up by car. The decision commuters and parents make to use the car is fundamentally down to the choices they feel they have to make those journeys.

For many people living on one side of Bath that work or go to school on the other side of Bath, the lack of good cycle provision, the challenging seven hills of Bath, and the time consuming hub centred bus network requiring you to change buses at the bus station, reduce the choices people feel they can make down to one. Use the car.

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Bath Cycle Network Quality Audit

If we’re going to have a conversation about cycling in Bath and North East Somerset we need to be able to know where we are starting from and where we want to end up. More importantly we need a way of talking to individual councillors and asking them, what they are doing about “their” patch.

So something that was started as a project at a Bath Hacked “Celebrate the City” hackathon, has very quickly, over the last couple of days, evolved into something rather powerful:


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London has ruined the perception of cycling in the UK

As “leader” of the cyclists in Bath, my recent trip to London pretty much confirmed my worst fears. All the segregated cycle infrastructure in London is not good. Not good at all. It’s ruining cycling for the rest the UK. I mean seriously.

People are not wearing Lycra!

Where is all the safety gear??!

I had to have it pointed out to me :/

Cycle paths are for cyclists!

Horses WTF?

Wheelchairs? Really?

You can stay…

Oi Joggers, go demand your own infra!

Scooters? Really?

Disgusting lack of red light running!

Phew, normal behaviour at last!

Pedestrians getting outraged by the amount of space given to cyclists.

Yup that road has been ruined by cycle infrastructure…

and this one…

and definitely this one…

We should be giving more space to cars…

and definitely less of this…


The way you design your road infrastructure determines the way people behave. YOU GET THE BEHAVIOUR YOU DESERVE. Building good cycling infrastructure serves SO many other groups. I was amazed at the number of people with disabilities using the space. How safe it was for kids. KIDS. How many women were using it. How, PEOPLE, not “lycra louts”, were all enjoying the space, travelling healthily to work.

London keep up the good work!


Thoughts on Cycle City Active City Conference

I was invited to speak at the Cycle City Active City conference on the work I have done with Bath Hacked with the Strava Metro data set and the interactive tool that has been built.

It neatly dove-tailed into a Space For Cycling workshop on the Saturday. Lot’s of deep discussions but I really just wanted to summarise what I took away from both events.

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Hacking your neighbourhood

London is leading the charge on the provision of great cycle infrastructure. The recent announcement from Transport for London of 18 miles of east west protected cycle super highways and the ongoing successful Space4Cycling campaign are transforming London and the expectations of residents.

Councils are beginning to understand that there is a ‘gold’ standard that cycling infrastructure should be built to and that ‘sharing’ space with pedestrians or painting lines on roads is a horrendous cop-out and will never get parents cycling their children to school.

So what TfL are doing is a massive game changer and is great to watch from afar, but how does this translate into what you can do locally in Bath?

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