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Front of Bus Cycle Racks, the DVSA says no.

[Foreword 8th of June 2015: There are moves afoot to try and create a working group of Local Authorities, MPs, the DfT, Bus Companies, and hopefully a co-operative DVSA. Should you wish to be involved, please contact Ben Howlett, the MP for Bath.]

Before I get into the details of this, I have to thank First Group for their immense support and effort throughout this process. They have been exceptional. It is almost solely down to their partnership with that we got to where we did. I also have to stress that at no point did the bus with the rack leave the workshop. So on with the bad news.

My last mail made it clear we do not on principle accept cycle racks on the front of British PSVs. If a VTP5 was submitted for this vehicle modification it would be refused because of the large number of sharp projections from the rack itself as well as any cycles carried increasing the risk of injury in a pedestrian impact. As a secondary issue I consider the view to the front will be seriously compromised towards the nearside pavement where we want drivers to have a clear view of any relatively short people including children at the kerbside.

I am sorry but you have wasted your time and money creating this example. 

Driver and Vehicle Safety Agency – Email sent to First Group 3rd of June 2015

The Bath pilot for front cycle racks on buses cannot now go ahead. There is much that can be said about the above but it is also important to state that the DVSA did not physically inspect the rack. They were sent the following photos.

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Cycle Racks On The Front Of Buses PROGRESS!

[Foreword 8th June 2015: We have now had the result from the DVSA, and it’s not good.]

It is with rather a lot of excitement that Peter from BikesOnBuses emailed me to say that he delivered a Veloporter 2 to the Bristol First Group depot on Wednesday. The rack will be installed on a bus they are currently servicing and respraying with new livery. The process is expected to take two to three weeks, but at the end of it, there will be a shiny bus with a cycle rack on the front of it.

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Front Bus Cycle Racks

[Edit 3 March 2015: We are one step closer with an actual installation happening. Expectation is a test bus available by beginning of April 2015.]

[Foreword 8th June 2015: We have now had the result from the DVSA, and it’s not good.]

CycleBath have been working with  Bath and North East Somerset Council, First group, and Wessex buses to get to a pilot to put  free front cycle racks on public buses in Bath. It is almost ready!

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