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Midford to Wellow Cyclepath Closures

The local farmer closes the path for his annual pheasant shoots on the dates listed. (Nov. 5th is a Saturday). Note the alternative route for walkers can get very muddy.


Condition of Kensington Meadows & Grosvenor footpath

 Kensington Meadows

This is a typical winter condition at the entrances into the meadows, slippery on a bike, even with knobbly tyres. De rigueur footwear – wellies:: SAL_0195_001

I persuaded BANES’s parks department to lay wood chippings, but is just a temporary solution. The path in the middle of the meadow is still muddy. SAM_0912_012 Continue reading Condition of Kensington Meadows & Grosvenor footpath

Larkhall to Alice Park Path

Larkhall to Alice Park Path
Click on Image for full Map (& then click on the lines for descriptions)

*** Stop Press***

The Alice Park meet up on Sunday shows there is strong support for the path:

Please leave a comment on the BANES planning website (closes 9th March) saying why it will benefit you & others in the local area:


For many years there has been a desire by locals in and around Larkhall & BANES Council for the construction of a shared path & bridge across the Lam Brook to allow direct access between the Square & Alice Park.

With the building of the proposed skate park, Alice Park’s popularity, is certain to increase. Particularly with families. At present, to get there on foot from Larkhall Square it requires detours to the North or South along roads that are busy, polluted & have narrow pavements. The proposed redevelopment of the Harvester site provides the perfect opportunity to construct this traffic free path. Benefits Include:

  • A shorter, safer journey
  • Increased footfall to the local shops & amenities
  • Reduced vehicle usage

Plans have been submitted to develop the Harvester site into retirement apartments. An access path to these homes will also provide a very easy, level,& safe walk into the square for those residents. Continue reading Larkhall to Alice Park Path

Roseberry Place Contd…

Edited to add link to PDF (below) of consultation display board images & comment form (Word Doc).

It appears WordPress doesn’t allow images in comments so… A new post.

The developers appear keen to make cycling/walking a priority & keep on-site vehicles to a minimum & separate. The parking for the residential blocks is hidden under a raised deck between the buildings. As with all developments such as this, cycle/walking routes are dependent on neighbouring sites to link them all together

The obvious one that can benefit from being built at the same time as this development is the Toucan link to the North entrance of the Two Tunnels path. Frank/Nigel R. – do you know if there’s money already earmarked for this by BANES?

Another link is to the West, next to the Church building which can join up with the existing path between the student accommodation & the river, See image. This is looking East, the church building is in the background. Further West a bit of shrubbery needs to be removed & it can then join into the Lidl car park.

SAM_0454     Roseberry Place boards Continue reading Roseberry Place Contd…

Further NCN 24 closures between Midford & Wellow.

Following on from repair closure along this stretch of the path, a sign has been put on to the gate near Midford announcing the farmer’s annual closures for grouse shooting parties.

Day Date Month Year
Saturday 1st November 2014
Saturday 15th November 2014
Saturday 29th November 2014
Saturday 13th December 2014
Saturday 27th December 2014
Saturday 10th January 2015
Saturday 17th January 2015
Saturday 24th January 2015
Saturday 31st January 2015

Incidentally, the repair closure sign claimed the path would be open on Sunday, but if heading out to Wellow that day I think you should be prepared to climb the hill.

NCN 24 Closure Between Midford Viaduct & Wellow trekking centre

Sustrans South West have announced the stretch of NCN 24 between Midford Viaduct & Wellow trekking centre will be closed for one week (weather dependent) from Monday 20th for resurfacing. A diversion along Twinhoe Lane will hopefully be signed.

Further announcement: SustransSW say the path will be closed until Wednesday 29th

Continue reading NCN 24 Closure Between Midford Viaduct & Wellow trekking centre