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Odd Down sports ground new facilities

Dropped into the cafe and new sports facilities opening by chance today. We had a tour of the building which has good changing and shower rooms and a large community area. I am told The cafe will be open from 9-2pm Monday to Friday and all day weekends. Should be a nice place to drop in for coffee or tea break.

cycle the city ride 2 (about the ride)

The ride took place on Sunday 8 February. Although a small group for the ride, I think we all enjoyed it. We could not have wished for a better morning for the ride. As the pub was not open at Midford, we decided to go to the one in Monkton Combe and very nice it was. We decided not to return to the city back through tunnels as we all had run the tunnels many times, instead we completed the route via the canal back to the city.

The route took us down Westgate Buildings, Sawclose, Queen Square, Victoria Park, Victoria Bridge, up towards Moorland Road and Moorfields where we joined the path to the two tunnels, through the tunnels to Midford, back to Monkton Combe, joined the canal at Claverton, Bathhampton, Sydney Gardens, Pultenly Street, back to the Abbey.

victoria   two tunnels

cycle the city of Bath 2

Cycle the city of Bath 2

Sunday 8 February 2015

Meet at the Nextbike station, Guildhall, Orange Grove 10.30 am

shower testThis is another gentle ride to suit all. Don’t worry we always pace with the slowest rider

We leave the city taking in the first part of the night ride route, and towards the newly restored Victoria Bridge and then head for the Two Tunnels (I know you may have already rode the two tunnels, but it still gives me a buzz) We aim to ride through both tunnels to Midford, and if the pub is open we can stop for coffee!!

We come back through the tunnels, both, depending how wet one of the exits, and return to the city on a different route, still on quiet roads with a down hill run. Slight gradients in places, but if I can do it anyone can.

If you need more information, use contacts page

Please note you ride at your own risk.

Cycle the city after dark

Is anyone up for a gentle ride through the city areas on quieter roads after dark? We take in some of the attractions you know and perhaps some you don’t. Lights are a must as some areas of the ride are quite dark, but quite safe. I have the route which was part of one we did in the summer.  We should allow about 1 hour 20 minutes for the ride. We might even spot the first christmas tree in a window.

The date IMG_0678is Thursday 20 November at 6.30. Meet at the Nextbike Station, Orange Grove at the side of the Guildhall where you can hire a bike, if required.

For further information use contact page