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Oldfield Park Railway Station FGW Shaping the Future Event

First Great Western are inviting people to get involved in “shaping the future” of Oldfield Park train station on Thursday (9th of October) 4pm to 7pm at the Oldfield Park Baptist Church.

If you have time, might be worth popping along and discussing how the provide for cycling (e.g. secure storage). It also gives you an opportunity to get involved in the running of the station.

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Call To Action: Where is the vision for the Enterprise Area Master Plan?

A “call to action” is where we ask people to contact their councillor and/or MP on a specific cycling related matter. It is vitally important that they hear from regular people and not just ‘those Cycle Bath people’. It changes their stance on how important cycle provision is, the way the council allocates cycle infrastructure budgets, and ultimately the way the council officers (planning) see the need for good cycling provision.

All we are asking is for 3 minutes of your time to send the email below. If you want to get more involved then have a look here but copy and send the email below first!

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Get yourself a dutch bell

I live on Bear Flat so a lot of my cycling starts with riding down onto the Two Tunnels. If I need to get into town in a rush, then it is straight down Wellsway, but if there is any excuse, any, I’ll ride down Linear Park across Fieldings Bridge and into town. It is too nice a ride not to do it.

So when Linda Donaldson writes about mirrors and bells and states

I don’t have a bell, but I have a voice which I have always felt is more effective. The walkers and runners I spoke too shared a consensus that they felt bells are vital particularly where cyclists are using the canal path or the Two Tunnels. But on the other hand cyclists felt bells were often not listened to. It seems we are back to my long-standing point on the need to respect each other’s right to be in the space again – whether on two wheels or two feet!

I get a bit annoyed because this is a classic case of completely missing the point of a decent bell. Your voice just doesn’t work and most pedestrians she spoke to agreed with that fact.

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Bicycle Film at the Little Theatre

Being involved in Cycle Bath is as much about our love of cycling as our belief that Bath needs better cycling infrastructure.

There is a beautiful film all about the Bicycle coming to Bath on the 19th of October at the Little Theatre. You should go see it. I am 🙂

If you do go, Cycle Bath will be there handing out one of our campaign posters to all attendees. (Have to keep up the good work!)

Bath Quay really sucks if you want to cycle

Let’s be really clear. I went to the Enterprise Area Master plan presentation and was told in no uncertain terms by Cllr Ben Stevens that in the master plan, the river path was considered to be a walking and leisure cycling route. They would design in a ‘fast’ route for commuter cyclists. When pressed further, he confirmed those cyclists would share the road for parts of it. In other words, it would only be suitable for current confident cyclists.

This strategy of forcing cyclists to mix with road traffic WILL NOT get people cycling. It will not make Bath a cycling city. The council’s promise of providing cycling aged 8 to 80+ is a lie and this development clearly shows this. They really don’t care about making this city fit for cycling for ALL the family.

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Bath Quays Planning Application is out!

Been a long time coming and the Quays area development is out for consultation.

Flood risk mitigation works enabling the development of the Bath Quays to include: Realignment of Green Park Road; Changing Corn Street to be two-way traffic and Ambury to dual-lane; Relocating access points to Avon Street Car Park; Changing the Coach Park to be drop-off and pick-up only; Widen the River Channel in places between Churchill Bridge and Midland Bridge; Replace Riverside ground floor windows and doors at Waterfront House, Camden Mill and Bayer Building; Demolish existing walls and replace with higher walls between Churchill Bridge and Camden Mill; Provision of new flood wall between Bayer Building and Midland Bridge and Realignment of Riverside footpath at Green Park.

Planning application is here

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Bath has given over too much space to cars

In Bath, what you will notice, are queues and queues of standing traffic all being controlled using traffic lights. Very much a stop start design that frustrates drivers, plays merry hell with pollution and steals space from people who want to walk or cycle in the city.

Traffic lights have a space requirement that cannot be overcome in our compact city.

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Pines Way Gyratory – Ignoring people who want to cycle

You wouldn’t think a cycling campaigning organisation would be too concerned about a development in the middle of a horrible gyratory near Sainsburys. I mean I hate riding that hell hole and do it very rarely.

It does sound very innocent:

Erection of an office building (use class B1) with basement parking, associated infrastructure and landscaping following the demolition of existing office building.

However what I didn’t realise was that they were redesigning the gyratory but completely ignoring cycling as a mode of transport.

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Front Bus Cycle Racks

[Edit 3 March 2015: We are one step closer with an actual installation happening. Expectation is a test bus available by beginning of April 2015.]

[Foreword 8th June 2015: We have now had the result from the DVSA, and it’s not good.]

CycleBath have been working with  Bath and North East Somerset Council, First group, and Wessex buses to get to a pilot to put  free front cycle racks on public buses in Bath. It is almost ready!

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