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Full-stack developer dancing in the mosh pit that is modern JavaScript development. I'm also deeply involved in active travel campaigning as chair of Cycle Bath.

Bath Clean Air Zone Consultation, DEFRA’s failure to understand the problem

As people are very aware I am not just somebody that campaigns for cycling but spend a significant amount of time working on policy and, with my systems analyst hat on, how we create better cities and towns.

The council are currently consulting on the Clean Air Zone here and I’ve written my 25 page response here: CAZ Response.

The TL;DR is to implement:

  • Workplace Parking Levy
  • Citywide Parking Control with inner and outer zones based on CO2 g/km, car length, and a 50% diesel surcharge
  • Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs)
  • Sustainable Transport Levy on all parking fees
  • Free/cheap public buses

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Cycle Bath Meeting This Wednesday (18th September)

Meet 19:30 at the Guild Co-Working space. Event details here.

Attendees will get a #ClosePass Driver Education Stencil Kit. Please use irresponsibly.

Agenda so far:

1) Bath Cycling Charter (see
2) Family Friendly Critical Mass for Saturday 21st to coincide with Car Free Milsom Street that weekend?
3) AOB (Please add below!)
— Secure Bike Parking

Evaporating traffic? Impact of low-traffic neighbourhoods on main roads

A brilliant summary of the impact Low Traffic Neighbourhoods can have.

London Living Streets


By Emma Griffin, vice-chair, London Living Streets

Low-traffic neighbourhoods can be life-changing for the residents who live in them. Since the neighbourhood improvements in Walthamstow Village in 2015, people are walking and cycling more, children play out, air pollution has improved and life expectancy increased.

More information on what low-traffic neighbourhoods are and how they work is available here.

But bold traffic plans such as this are often introduced amid concern and opposition. This series of blogs explores these questions and presents research that helps fill missing gaps and tackles any misunderstandings.

Here we examine concerns that low-traffic neighbourhoods may divert traffic onto main roads leading to increased congestion and air pollution.

Traffic evaporation 

Experience reveals that predictions of traffic problems caused by low-traffic neighbourhoods almost always fail to materialise, and that significant reductions in overall traffic levels across an area can happen as a result of people making…

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Hartwells Site Visit July 9th 2019

In light of a previous article we (Frank Thompson and Adam Reynolds) were invited by the developer to visit the site to discuss the issues raised. In light of the visit that article will be removed due to the uninformed views expressed in that article.

Particularly that the developers are delivering a development that is anti-disabled. It does provide a publicly accessible 2.4m x 2.4m lift to get access from street level to the bottom level of the development. Continue reading Hartwells Site Visit July 9th 2019

Cycle Bath Meeting Write-up

I’m trying to brain dump this while it is still fresh in my head. Discussions were far ranging but I will put them under the agenda items even though we did not follow the order as best I can.

Before I start, can I just say, what an amazing turn up. We had more women than men. Our Facebook Group has helped make this a more inclusive group. For the next meeting I will look to get more information out on using posters but again, thank you for turning up. Continue reading Cycle Bath Meeting Write-up

Cycle Bath Meeting July 4th 7:30pm Guild Co-Working Space

The Cycle Bath Facebook group was used to decide the day and time of the meeting to be more inclusive. The Guild Co-Working space have graciously provided us with the front room to use.

The FB group was also used to poll what people wanted to address. Working groups will be used on the night. If you have a passion for a specific issue, please come along and join in.

  1. Safer Routes To Schools (Voters 13)
  2. Lobbying for Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (Voters 11)
  3. Two Tunnels ramp to Lyncombe Vale Road (Voters 5)
  4. Pot Holes (Voters 5)
  5. Bath Living Heart (Voters 4)
  6. Path Verge Maintenance (Voters 3)
  7. Accessibility Issues (Cycle Design Vehicle 1.2m x 2.8m) (Voters 3)
  8. Illegal and inconsiderate parking (Voters 2)
  9. 20 where people live (Voters 2)
  10. Resurfacing the B2B (Voters 1)
  11. Sustainable Transport Route – Green Park to B-B Path (Inc Locksbrook Bridge) (Voters 2)
  12. Two Tunnels tarmac to Wellow (Voters 1)

Hartwells Development

[EDIT 10th of July] In light of a site visit this article was redacted given the inaccuracies and uninformed nature of the comments. It is now re-instated with sections crossed out for clarity to limit any criticism that we might be hiding something. During the visit the developer informed us that it was the council’s Highways officer that required the closing of the access ramp to people walking and cycling and this is why the barrier was placed there. The funding model of the STR connections outside the site through section 106 by the developer is complicated as the full state of them is unknown and the estimated £285k is a guess by the developer with no full structural understanding of the council’s STR sections. Also the site is fully accessible to people in wheelchairs.

The position Cycle Bath had taken on the Hartwells Development Proposal was to remain neutral. They’d implemented suggestions creating a 3m 3.5m wide walking and cycling route through the scheme which meant that our long term ambition of the Locksbrook Greenway Scheme was going to be delivered.

Screenshot 2019-06-26 at 06.43.56

John Taylor has been watching this planning application and informed me that a letter from the agent (Document-3C0DB35CF01BF5B2F83EE11A962DBF4C) in response to the 276 objections has been added and it’s horrendous.

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#CleanAirDay Cycling Celebration Ride Kingsmead Square 1:15pm today!

I cannot stress enough how important it is to turn up to this if you can. Even if you turn up, have your photo taken as part of a mass group of people then head back to whatever you are doing. The ride is symbolic and only about 20 minutes.

Both Cllr Sarah Warren (Climate) and Cllr Joanna Wright  (Transport) are planning to be on the ride.
It is your opportunity to engage with them. I will also be handing out Bath Cycle Maps to people to get them into their favourite cafe or even their place of work.
Please be there if you can.
I’ll also be in my version of this:

Clean Air Day Lunchtime Celebration Ride, 20th June, 1pm Kingmead Square

If you work, or live in Bath, we really want to get you all down to Kingsmead Square on June the 20th for 1pm to celebrate Clean Air Day and the joy of cycling.

We will leave the square, head down to the Bus Station, along Dorchester Street, up Manvers Street, around the Guild twice, then down Cheap Street back to the square. Bring bells, bring music. Let’s make some noise!

Sign up on our facebook event page here!
Meet at the council’s Clean Air Day Pop Up event in the Square for 1pm (running 11am-6pm). We should be off by 1:15 and back by 1:40. We will also be looking to get a picture of everybody on all their different bikes. 

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Cycle Bath Meeting, Guild Hub 6:30pm Today (Wednesday 29th of May)

Apologies for the late notification, there is a meeting this evening.

The Guild Hub Co-Working space is to the left of the Guild Market.
0) New council, now what?
1) Low Traffic Neighbourhoods:- An introduction to engaging your neighbourhood community and enabling these to happen.
2) Hartwell Site Consultation response
3) Active Travel Forum priorities
– Oxfordshire Cycling and Walking Standards
4) Cycle Bath social rides/events. CB really is too focused on the political and I think it would be good to have the odd (cargo) bike ride/picnic or two.
5) Commitment to regular monthly ride + meet beginning June.
6) Accessible Bath. Why do we still have things like Claude Avenue

We are expecting Cllr Joanna Wright (Cabinet member for Transport) to come along (based on the FB confirmation).