Cycle Bath Meeting Thursday 20th of Feb 7:30pm-9pm All Welcome!

Cycle Bath Meeting to discuss the progress on Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, our issues map (, and whether Cycle Bath should move with the times and ‘evolve’ into Walk Ride Bath.

As much as we have focused on cycling for years, we now need to recognise that micro-mobility devices (cycles, scooters, skateboards, wheelchairs, etc) are being transformed by electric motors and the way people are moving around our city is changing.

Should we become an inclusive organisation that champions walking and riding in all forms clearly recognising the need for good riding infrastructure separate, where possible, from good inclusive walking infrastructure?

Where walking and riding are correctly prioritised and good space created on our roads to affect the modal shift away from car dependency.

See you then but feel free to discuss below! This was inspired by this article

Meeting will be held at the Guild Co-Working Space on Thursday the 20th of Feb from 7:30pm till 9pm.

More details here:

See you then.


Cycle Bath Meeting 20th of Feb 7:30pm

Meeting will be in the front room of the Guild Co-Working Space on the 20th of Feb at 7:30pm.

Agenda so far:



Entry Hill Golf Course or Entry Hill Family Cycling Centre and MTB Park? You decide.


What is it all about?

From the survey (

“The future use of Entry Hill Golf Course is being reviewed by the site owner, Bath and North East Somerset Council.  The Golf Course occupies a beautiful site accessible to many residents in Bath, and there are opportunities to encourage its use by many more people.

It is intended to keep the site for leisure uses.  Some ideas so far have been to use site as a family cycling and mountain bike park, a park with a cafe, allotment space, a Forest School/outdoor education centre or a location for sports and leisure.

On behalf of Bath and North East Somerset Council we are now independently consulting stakeholders on the options for future leisure uses at Entry Hill Golf Course, and seeking views from all those who live, visit and work in the area. ”

The Options

Screenshot 2019-12-15 at 14.42.57

Local residents are creating a ‘selfish’ narrative


This excludes the Cycle Centre/MTB Park and many others and reframes it as a community space.

What you should do

Fill in the survey!

Attend the public consultations today and tomorrow!

Friday 10th of January (Today!) 3-6pm & Saturday 11th (Tomorrow!) 10am-1pm at the Odd Down Sports Ground.

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Entry Hill (4)-1





B&NES Low Traffic Neighbourhoods Expert Briefing

As of writing there are 81 tickets left. Book your ticket here:

What are Low Traffic Neighbourhoods?

Your chance to find out more from an expert briefing.

The New Administration at B&NES Council have an ambitious plan to change the way people travel.

Active and sustainable modes of transport support good health and well-being by reducing inactivity, improving air quality and reducing road danger. They provide the most efficient use of street space and help to create attractive local environments for residents, visitors and businesses. The Healthy Streets Approach provides a framework that puts human health and experience at the heart of planning.

Come and hear how Low Traffic Neighbourhoods have been implemented in North London. Cllr Clyde Loakes, Deputy Leader of Waltham Forest has enabled far reaching infrastructure changes by implementing Low Traffic Neighbourhoods. To find out more about how Cllr Loakes has created a new way of living come and hear him speak at The Guildhall, Banqueting Room, Bath, BA1 5AW. Tue, January 28, 2020 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM GMT

There will be the opportunity to ask questions in the Q & A session at the end.

Screenshot 2019-10-12 at 18.23.53

BaNES Accessibility/Inclusivity Wheel and Walk Issues Map

For some time Cycle Bath has been struggling to find a way to capture issues around accessibility/inclusivity in Bath and North East Somerset.

The Map

As of this morning (Friday 29th of November) there are 61 issues listed by 10 map contributors.

Screenshot 2019-11-29 at 10.38.24 (2)

What are we going to do with it?

The process we are going to follow is:

  1. Assign Type [Accessibility, Surface, Dangerous, Cycling, Signage, Walking]
  2. Set Colour As Issue is progressed:
    • Blue: New Issue
    • Black: Issues submitted to council/ATAF/local councillors and awaiting response. Ownership of issue with one Cycle Bath member to chase.
    • Orange: Fix agreed with officers + local councillors but no funding.
    • Red: Not going to be fixed.
    • Green: In the pipeline (with ETA)
    • Grey: Fixed (might be deleted from map to reduce clutter).

Get Involved

Either post your issues as a comment below or get involved on our Facebook Group You can even become a map editor!



Bath Clean Air Zone Consultation, DEFRA’s failure to understand the problem

As people are very aware I am not just somebody that campaigns for cycling but spend a significant amount of time working on policy and, with my systems analyst hat on, how we create better cities and towns.

The council are currently consulting on the Clean Air Zone here and I’ve written my 25 page response here: CAZ Response.

The TL;DR is to implement:

  • Workplace Parking Levy
  • Citywide Parking Control with inner and outer zones based on CO2 g/km, car length, and a 50% diesel surcharge
  • Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs)
  • Sustainable Transport Levy on all parking fees
  • Free/cheap public buses

Continue reading Bath Clean Air Zone Consultation, DEFRA’s failure to understand the problem

Cycle Bath Meeting This Wednesday (18th September)

Meet 19:30 at the Guild Co-Working space. Event details here.

Attendees will get a #ClosePass Driver Education Stencil Kit. Please use irresponsibly.

Agenda so far:

1) Bath Cycling Charter (see
2) Family Friendly Critical Mass for Saturday 21st to coincide with Car Free Milsom Street that weekend?
3) AOB (Please add below!)
— Secure Bike Parking

Evaporating traffic? Impact of low-traffic neighbourhoods on main roads

A brilliant summary of the impact Low Traffic Neighbourhoods can have.

London Living Streets


By Emma Griffin, vice-chair, London Living Streets

Low-traffic neighbourhoods can be life-changing for the residents who live in them. Since the neighbourhood improvements in Walthamstow Village in 2015, people are walking and cycling more, children play out, air pollution has improved and life expectancy increased.

More information on what low-traffic neighbourhoods are and how they work is available here.

But bold traffic plans such as this are often introduced amid concern and opposition. This series of blogs explores these questions and presents research that helps fill missing gaps and tackles any misunderstandings.

Here we examine concerns that low-traffic neighbourhoods may divert traffic onto main roads leading to increased congestion and air pollution.

Traffic evaporation 

Experience reveals that predictions of traffic problems caused by low-traffic neighbourhoods almost always fail to materialise, and that significant reductions in overall traffic levels across an area can happen as a result of people making…

View original post 1,611 more words

Hartwells Site Visit July 9th 2019

In light of a previous article we (Frank Thompson and Adam Reynolds) were invited by the developer to visit the site to discuss the issues raised. In light of the visit that article will be removed due to the uninformed views expressed in that article.

Particularly that the developers are delivering a development that is anti-disabled. It does provide a publicly accessible 2.4m x 2.4m lift to get access from street level to the bottom level of the development. Continue reading Hartwells Site Visit July 9th 2019

Cycle Bath Meeting Write-up

I’m trying to brain dump this while it is still fresh in my head. Discussions were far ranging but I will put them under the agenda items even though we did not follow the order as best I can.

Before I start, can I just say, what an amazing turn up. We had more women than men. Our Facebook Group has helped make this a more inclusive group. For the next meeting I will look to get more information out on using posters but again, thank you for turning up. Continue reading Cycle Bath Meeting Write-up

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