Cycle Bath (Bath Cycling Campaign) works to promote and encourage responsible cycling in Bath, UK.

Cyclists clear the way

Riverside path - NCN 4 (44K)

A group of cyclists will set about clearing a section of the Bath to Bristol path along the river. The path has been gradually invaded by undergrowth and the usable part is now significantly narrower than the path itself.

The work party will be Saturday 1 Feb at 13.30, meet on the Bath to Bristol Path where the Two Tunnels path meets it – the green bridge over the river.

Lighting problem in Devonshire tunnel

23 Dec 2013

As some may already have discovered, the lighting in Devonshire Tunnel is intermittently failing. This appears to be linked to wet weather, which may be causing a fuse to be tripped out in the main control box.

Volunteer Rangers will do their best to minimize disruption by resetting the tripped fuse as and when time/commitments allow, but there is no guarantee that you will not find the lights out when you arrive at the tunnel.

So, if you plan to make a visit, it is suggested you take a light/torch and exercise caution as you pass through.

Respect Ride for Jake Gilmore

Ghost bike

Saturday 30th Nov, 10am

Members of CycleBath are helping organise a Respect Ride for Jake Gilmore, the 19-year-old who died as the result of a collision on Midland Bridge Road at 9.30pm on Saturday night, the 16th November as he cycled home.

We feel that many people, especially cyclists, may want to come together to share their grief at this sad loss to our community.

Join CycleBath's email group

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The Times - Citie fit for cycling (jpg)

The Times 'Cities Fit for Cycling' campaign needs your help.

Today, Wednesday April 24th, the Get Britain Cycling parliamentary inquiry submits its crucial report to the Government.

If Britain is to realise the potential benefits of promoting cycling as a healthy and affordable mode of transport, then it is vital that the Government and the Prime Minister take this report seriously and implement its recommendations in full.

Sir Chris Hoy Retires

Chris Hoy

Hear CycleBath chair Malcolm Dodds discussing his influence on British cycling on BBC Radio Bristol's Breakfast programe (Skip to 2:25:30)


Two Tunnels Greenway Open

Entrance to Combe Down tunne,

Longest cycle tunnel in the UK opens with a fanfare.

After years of campaigning and hard work, the Two Tunnels group in partnership with Sustrans and Bath & North East Somerset council succeeded in opening the majority of the route from Bath to Midford on 6 April 2013.

CycleBath – a new direction for 2013


Our key aim is "to get more people cycling in Bath".

We are turning CycleBath into an umbrella membership organisation, website and social network that defines itself as "All things cycling in Bath" and "Talking about cycling in Bath". Googling "Cycling" and "Bath" brings the CycleBath website as one of the top sites, so we want to build on this to make CycleBath the natural focus for residents in and visitors to Bath find out information, meet other cyclists and get cycling.

Cheap Street & Westgate to become 2-way

A new West-East route across the city centre

Work is due start on a plan which makes Cheap Street and Westgate Street 2-way for cycles. Work will commence once the work around the eastern end of Cheap St near the Guildhall are complete.

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